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Quick Space Temporary Buildings

Dimensions and Sizes of Temporary Structures

We offer a range of standard and bespoke sizes to suit your needs.

Our standard span widths are 7.00m, 10.50m, 12.50m, 16.00m and 21.00m. Each of these widths can be supplied to any length in multiples of 5.00m. Similarly most of these can be delivered with eaves heights of 3.30m, 4.20m, 5.20m and 6.20m, which makes them ideal for most applications.

If these sizes are not quite right for you please let us know and we can discuss bespoke options. Additionally, we offer goods access gates in a range of forms and sizes. Most gates are 5.00m wide and can be as high as 5.90m, depending on the size of structure we supply. Each structure is supplied with one or more personnel doors, according to size.

Our standard structures are produced with a minimum windload of 0.50 kn/m² and a minimum snowload of 75.00 kg/m². These standard windloads and snowloads can be increased as necessary.

Some sample span diagrams are below / please click on the options below to download sample cross sections. Alternatively please call us for more information; we’ll be happy to help.

Other spans and sizes are available on request.