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The range of structures that can be built within days, for a variety of different uses is considerable. Although they have many industrial uses temporary structures are a great alternative for a showroom.
Whether it’s a short term solution or a cost-effective alternative to a permanent solution, then this kind of space can mean that a full blown show room can be erected for a fraction of the cost of a permanent building.
• Car Showrooms
Whether it’s for a new car launch, a promotional campaign or just more space that is needed for display, this is a good example of a temporary building working well for a business. They offer a professional environment that can be fully equipped with light, power and heating, or any other bespoke feature that you may require. Storage, waiting rooms and offices can all be incorporated. These structures also offer protection from the environment so are weather proof in every sense.

• Portable offices and showrooms.
Temporary buildings also offer safe and comfortable working environments. They work brilliantly as pop up sales offices on housing developments or as offices on roadwork campaigns. Health centres and educational spaces also need temporary buildings every now and then. Many educational facilities require somewhere that is cost effective and quick to install for extra space that doesn’t disrupt the main flow of a permanent building. This can be for a variety of reasons such as teacher training or lecture areas. Maybe even a student common room.

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