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Insurance premiums are always increasing. If you run a business and employ staff you’ll want to keep your costs down and reinvest in your business. One way of cutting your insurance premiums is to beef up on security. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when looking at your existing business premises:
• How secure are the doors and windows?
• Do you have CCTV and external lighting?
• Is your stock protected at night?
• Are there regular police patrols in your area?
If you are in doubt about any of these points, then you should take a long hard look at your security strategy. Many companies try to cut corners, but this is often a mistake. Insurers want to be assured that the goods that they are covering are housed in a safe and robust facility. When they’re happy with your arrangements in that area, you’ll frequently end up paying lower premiums.
Renting is Always an Option
If the stock that your company holds fluctuates, then you don’t necessarily have to invest in buying a separate warehouse. A temporary warehouse will suit your needs. Make sure that the warehouse comes with roller shutters or another type of reinforced entrance, and that it’s large enough for your needs.
As long as you have some additional land that can be used for a temporary warehouse, then you can rest assured that the whole structure can be erected quickly and is secure enough to suit the scrutiny of any insurer. You’ll also have peace of mind.

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