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The accumulation of systems, equipment and general office stuff increases as any company grows, whether you have a home based business or are part of an office environment. What once seemed relevant is now either collecting dust, or just needs to be stored out of the thoroughfare. Here is a quick approach to energising your workspace.
• Re-thinking your business like its brand new will help restore order. Organise and box old paper work, accounts need to be kept legally for a period of time so storage of these is essential.
• Remove everything in the room, including all the junk items that are sat in store cupboards and bags and boxes. Give the room a good clean, it will give the whole space a different feel and energy. De-cluttering a space will help you de-clutter your mind and functionality all round will increase.
• Do you need all of the furniture in that space or is it housing outmoded items that you just don’t need anymore. Work out which items are clutter and which are not needed on a day to day basis or will enhance the functionality of your business day. These can be chucked or stored. So choose the necessities.
• Make a commitment to de-clutter at relevant intervals throughout the year.
• Make a conscious decision about where everything is going to go. It will help maximise the space, prevent clutter and claustrophobia from building and make your workspace more positive to work in.

De-cluttering isn’t just about chucking items away it is about considering the space you are working from and how to make it work for you.

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