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One of the advantages of constructing a temporary warehouse is that minimal ground preparation is needed. When a traditional building is erected, foundations need to be prepared, which takes time. Temporary warehouses can be built far more quickly and when time is of the essence, perhaps as a result of some calamitous event, they are the perfect temporary storage solution. But what type of ground surface do you need for the erection of a temporary warehouse?
Suitable Ground Fixings
Whilst temporary warehouses don’t need foundations, they do still need to be securely fixed to the ground. The most common type of ground surface used beneath a temporary warehouse is concrete. An existing concrete slab is ideal for because a temporary structure can easily be fixed to the ground using ground anchors and fixing plates. No preparation time is required and the building can be erected with the minimum of fuss and expense.
Whilst concrete is desirable, it isn’t essential as there are other ground surfaces suitable for temporary warehouse constructions. Tarmac, block paving and even hardcore gravel and stone is a suitable surface for a temporary building.
Dealing with Poor Ground Surfaces
If the ground is uneven or too soft, a more suitable surface will be required. Concrete can be installed prior to the erection of the building, but the slab will need to be large enough to accommodate the structure.
A temporary warehouse can be constructed in just a few days if there is sufficient hard standing available, but if the ground is poor quality, a different surface may need to be installed.

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