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A temporary warehouse is no different to any other structure in that it requires access at all times. Depending on the size of the structure, you may need to install vehicular access as well as pedestrian access. It is important that the right access is added when the warehouse is erected, or the building will be less efficient.
Pedestrian Access to a Temporary Warehouse
Doors are necessary in temporary warehouses, for pedestrian access and as fire escapes. When buildings are primarily used as a storage facility for machinery, plant and/or stock, a basic door constructed from steel will be sufficient to keep the weather out and the temperature within the building at a reasonable level. If the building is to be used for some other purpose, as a temporary office for example, a glass door might be a better option.
Vehicle Access Considerations
If vehicles need access to the building extra large doors will need to be installed alongside pedestrian doors. At the cheaper end of the scale, a basic plastic curtain might be enough to keep the worst of the weather out, whilst still allowing easy access in and out of the building. If the warehouse is likely to be in use for some time, manual roller doors are easy to operate. Steel electric roller shutter doors offer a more sophisticated solution when easy access is essential.
There are many different access doors to suit all types of temporary warehouse structures, but the bigger budget you have to work with, the more choice you will have.

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