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Almost all businesses that sell physical products experience seasonal fluctuations in demand. There are times of the year when consumers are more likely to make certain purchases, for example if you sell a lot of outdoor equipment you will see more sales in spring and summer, whereas if you sell toys you will have a bigger demand in the run up to Christmas. Even products with no seasonal association can be subject to these sorts of patterns, as general spending peaks and troughs at different times in the year.
Understanding Demand
If you know the times when demand for your product range is highest, for example around holidays or in the summer months, you can take steps to ensure you have enough stock to meet all of your demand so you never have to turn business away with the dreaded \‘sold out\’ message. Getting stock is one thing, but how do you ensure you have space to store it during these peak business times?
Set Up a Temporary Warehouse
You can deal with having more stock at a given time of year by setting up a temporary warehouse on your own premises for your busiest months. This can be more cost effective than investing in a larger permanent warehouse you don\‘t need for most of the year. Temporary warehouses are strong, secure, and keep your stock well protected, while still allowing you to manage your stock from your usual location.

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