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Despite the name, temporary warehouses can be used as long term warehousing solutions, and are ideal ways to get a warehouse structure set up fast if your business is expanding, relocating, or simply needs a new warehouse. When considering temporary warehouse solutions you have the option to hire a warehouse which will either be on a site owned by the company you are hiring it from or erected on your own premises, or you can buy one and have it built on your own site. Both options are good, but which is right for you?
When Hiring Makes More Sense
Hiring is the better option when your needs are genuinely temporary. You may want the warehouse while you are experiencing a predictable seasonal increase in demand, or while your existing warehouse is having work done on it. If you know that after a short period your existing warehouse will once again be sufficient, or that you only need the extra warehouse space for a couple of months a year, renting can be the most convenient and cost effective option.
When It Is Better To Buy Your Temporary Warehouse
If your temporary warehouse is being put up on your own site, it can be better to buy it than hire it if you are likely to need it for an indefinite period of time. If you are building it because your business is growing, it can be a way to house extra stock without the investment of a full permanent structure being built, so you will have the space you need but still are able to take the time to assess whether the scaling up of demand is going to continue. It can also be cost effective to buy if you are using the warehouse to move into a new location.
Look at what you need the warehouse for and the likely duration of your need, and decide whether buying or renting the structure is the best way to go.

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