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Sometimes, a business can scale up faster than you predicted. This is generally something to celebrate, however you may not have had plans for this eventuality in your initial strategy. If demand for your products has soared and you are struggling to keep up, logistics could mean you have to turn down business, and nobody wants to do that! Of course, you can only sell things as fast as they can be produced or sourced, but if that isn\‘t the problem and you are simply unable to keep enough stock to meet current demand in your warehouse, there is actually a very easy solution.
Using Temporary Warehousing
When many people think of temporary warehouses, they imagine that a lot of their stock would be based in a storage location which could be miles away from the normal base of operations. However, what you can actually do is have a temporary warehouse put up on your own site, granting you much more warehouse space but still allowing you to use the same staff and fulfilment processes you do for your existing warehouse.
Easily Erected and Fully Functional
A temporary warehouse can be erected and fully functional in just a few days, and while designed as temporary structures, they are secure and robust enough to be used in the longer term if needed, so there is no hurry to come up with a permanent solution to your expansion and the demands it places on your warehousing if you would rather keep using the temporary warehouse and see how things plan out.

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