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Archive of: January, 2015

  • Why a Temporary Warehouse is the Ideal Solution in Bad Weather

    It’s a common situation – your business receives numerous pallets of stock every week, but unless the weather is kind to you and stays dry, you are left rushing to check off your goods in order to get them inside. During the summer months, this is rarely a problem, but during the winter, when we’re blessed with rain and snow, sheet wrapping around the pallets is not always the best line of defence against the weather.

  • Three Things to Avoid When Hiring a Temporary Warehouse

    If you’re considering hiring a temporary warehouse, it’s likely that you’ve already done a lot of research into what you can expect. You’ve researched the things that you need to look out for, and you know what you need when it comes to your storage needs. But do you know what to avoid? Keep reading for a list of three things that must be avoided at all costs when hiring a temporary warehouse.

  • Should Your Hire a Temporary Warehouse On-Site or Off-Site?

    Whether you run a manufacturing company, a retail business, or even a car showroom, sometimes you need access to extra storage space. Whilst there are quite a few storage options available to you, temporary warehouses are a great solution. They’re cheaper than building an extension or relocating, and can be dismantled as soon as you have no need for them. But should you hire a temporary warehouse on-site or off-site?

  • Does a Temporary Warehouse Have to Be Temporary?

    Companies of all shapes and sizes hire temporary warehouses for their needs. But, whether they are hired as extra office space, for industrial reasons, or for storage use, one question that we are regularly asked is whether our warehouses are durable enough to be used long term. And, although the word ‘temporary’ suggests that a building can only be used for a short amount of time, is this really the case?

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