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Archive of: August, 2014

  • What’s so Great about Temporary Buildings?

    If you need a large and weather proof structure in a hurry or for a limited period, then a temporary building is the perfect answer. Not only can they be erected within a couple of days, but provide either long or short term affordable solutions for storage, showrooms or even offices. So what’s the difference between one of our temporary structures, and say, a marquee?

  • Choosing the Right Building

    Not all buildings are made equal right? Which is why you don’t often see Georgian manor houses on housing estates or warehouses in leafy streets. So when you’re deciding what type of temporary structure you need, you might be wondering exactly what type. A temporary warehouse is obviously a quite different building type from a fully glazed temporary showroom.

  • Celebrating the Prefab

    On this, the 70th anniversary year of the Second World War, we thought it would be a nice idea to pay tribute to the great British Prefab. Prefabricated temporary houses were erected in their thousands at the end of the war, as a solution to the housing crisis created by all the homes lost in the Blitz.

  • Planning Permission and Temporary Structures

    Planning in the UK is well known for being a long-winded, expensive and often frustrating process. However, although it’s necessary to protect our green and pleasant land from unsightly developments, problems with lack of suitable land for structures or developments are making life problematic for businesses needing extra storage capacity. The logistics industry in particular is suffering, as warehouse rents continue to rise due to a lack of suitable warehousing to meet growing demand.

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